Site Update and New Albums!

Visitors to the site will notice a couple of subtle but important changes here on the site starting today. Most notably is the addition of a terrestrial mammals album to celebrate seeing North American megafauna in Alaska! Bears, Moose, Caribou and more are represented with more to be added in the future!  This site will always be primarily dedicated to Marine Mammals but celebrating the diversity of nature is also very important to me.  I've also updated the Beaked Whale album by changing it to the "Toothed Whale" album to reflect my first sighting of wild Beluga Whales!  For now this album will cover all members of the Odontocete family that aren't Dolphins or Porpoises.

And you can use this link to see all of the pictures I've decided to post from this year's Alaskan adventure.  I am sure there will be more to come in the future!

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