December Update

I'm way past due to update this page for Nov/Dec 2018 so I'll get right to it.


You can order a 2019 Calendar by emailing me at I think they turned out great! They were done in the same style as last year's calendar. I have filled all the pre orders so I can now start taking online orders.  Only a limited quantity is available for online orders.  Cost is $20.00 USD and to commemorate this being my 3rd year of publishing the calendar I have decided to do free shipping this year on all US orders as a way of saying THANK YOU to those of you who have supported me since I began Dale Frink Photography and in 2014.

Site Update:

This is a very large update that reflects a very successful trip with Newport Coastal Adventure (the best whale watching experience in Orange County, CA by FAR!).  We identified twelve different Humpback Whales that day on a long range 8 hour trip.  This was my second annual trip doing this and I am looking forward to making this an annual tradition.

(The site at is the place to book your ultimate whale watching experience!)

I have updated the "Search by Species" page to reflect a change made recently.  Scientific literature is now once more lumping the various Common Dolphin species into one species with multiple subspecies instead of distinct species on their own.  There's some good rationale behind this decision but it could change again one day depending on popular consensus in the future.  One of the best things about science is that new research and observation can influence the textbooks!  I will still do my best to differentiate between the two subspecies as best I can.

Whale Watching Report:

Still tough on the larger whales and now weather has had an impact on local sightings.  Hopefully the Gray Whales return to form by the end of the year so that holiday sightings are much improved!  I look forward to sharing images of whatever we see.

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