Hello 2019 and Hello Australia/NZ!

Great update today with all of the best shots from the rash of Humpback Whale sightings we have had to open the year! I've really enjoyed logging some new individuals for my HappyWhale.com page as well as enjoying the excitement of their behaviors.  We have also confirmed Gray, Bryde's, and Minke Whales out there lately.

I am also proud to let you all know that I'll be on my way to Queensland, Australia and the South Island of New Zealand to enjoy the local marine life.  I'll be photographing, recording, and writing about as much as I can on what is one of my biggest bucket list trips I have ever undertaken.  I have really dreamed about Kaikoura in New Zealand for some time and I am hopeful to see some new species of marine mammals!

2019 is poised to be a very special year so I decided to kick it off with a modest donation to the Ocean Defenders Alliance as well, check them out at www.oceandefenders.org and learn more about their work to preserve our oceans.  Their work removing harmful abandoned fishing gear and clearing coral reefs in California and Hawaii is absolutely amazing.

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