It's Definitely October

Trips weren't frequent for me this month, and it was definitely a far more lackluster month than this time last year. However there were two absolutely epic encounters that would stand out in any year.  Another productive trip with my friends in Moss Landing allowed me to briefly document a Great White Shark along with Southern Sea Otters and some of the best lunge feeding I've ever documented up that way.  I was also very fortunate to be part of an encounter with a pair of Bryde's Whales that leapt in a spectacular series of breaches.  To my knowledge it was the first documentation of breaching adult Bryde's Whales in California.

Hopefully the rest of the fall is more eventful, especially with the 2020 Dale Frink Calendar going to print as we speak!  I'll tell you more about it in the next post.  If you are interested in a calendar this year I am doing a preorder special.  All preorder calendars are 10% off (normal price $20) and shipping for three or more is free (normal S&H $5). Email me at with PREORDER2020 in the subject line to secure yours.  It's a limited run this year due to some time off I am taking this winter so get yours while they are available.

Cetacean Species Documented in September: An extremely rare Sei Whale, Humpback Whales, Bryde's Whales (including breaching), Minke Whales along with Bottlenose Dolphin and Common Dolphin.  A short trip to Monterey produced Humpback Whale sightings along with Harbor Porpoise.

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