Off to Iceland!

Dale Frink Photography will make its first foray across the Atlantic Ocean to Iceland for a wintery week to kick off February. I'll be documenting the trip on this website prior to the restoration of my social media in March when my new project begins.  

It's already February but the Gray Whales have finally started to become a more consistent sighting.  This was probably the latest I have ever seen the migration take to get to that stage where multiple whales are being seen on a daily basis.  On the plus side, we have been documenting Bottlenose, Common, and Pacific White Sided Dolphins frequently enough that many tours are actually seeing three species in one go!  Silver linings I guess...

Species seen in January:  Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Bottlenose Dolphin, Common Dolphin, and Pacific White Sided Dolphin.

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